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“I have had the honor and privilege to record and/or perform with such great artists as Davin McCoy, Ashanti Floyd (Lupe Fiasco/John Legend/Lil Wayne), Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie, Jeff Beck) and many, many others.”

With looks often mistaken for super good looking bad guys in 90’s Steven Seagal films, 30 Year Old Casey Crogan has been taking the Atlanta music scene by storm since the age of 16. Constantly in the pocket, Casey provides the backbone of the Atlanta Wedding Band rhythm section. His wife and two year old daughter, Stella, are his two main loves; followed by art, individuality, spirituality, and humanity.

He contends his music career truly began when he first heard David Bowie on the radio in his car seat at age 2, that’s up for debate, but one thing’s for sure, the guy can wail. With an encyclopedic knowledge for cover music, both new and old, he’s had the honor and privilege of recording and or playing for such great artists as Ashanti Floyd (John Legend), Jimmy Hall (Jeff Beck), Chuck Leavell (Allmann Bros/Rolling Stones/John Mayer), Randall Bramblett, Killer Mike (Outkast), Davin McCoy. Casey is completely self taught and delivers impeccable/relatable drum instruction to students young and old for his 9-5 day job. Casey is an avid LA Dodgers fan and if he weren’t a professional musician would be a face model.

Casey feels very privileged and
very much looks forward to rocking your big day!