JOHN THRASHER: Manager, Booking, Legal, Website, Accounting, Website Analytics2019-10-16T10:03:53+00:00

JOHN THRASHER: Manager, Booking, Legal, Website, Accounting, Website Analytics

“I love music. Every note, every lyric from a great song, I feel, has the ability to bring people together and of equal importance, pack dance floors!”

With degrees in Accounting and Spanish from the University of Georgia, I left the CPA/Public Accounting world to take on a full time music career in early 2012. I had been going to a ton of weddings in my mid 20’s and frankly, saw room for vast improvement for your run of the mill, standard wedding bands. That improvement being; attention to detail, maintaining a packed dance floor, momentum, energy, flow of the night as a whole, and making the entire experience more personal and tailored to each and every unique couple.

That’s when I decided to forego my steady 8a-7p and start what is now the dance circle inducing freight train that is Atlanta Wedding Band. Six rocking years and 650+ amazing couples later, here we stand with 82/82, perfect, 5/5 star review record on google (if on mobile, just scroll to local listing)  I’m not saying we’re perfect people, but that rating, at that quantity and quality speaks for itself.  I always say, ‘just a read a random one!’, it becomes clearer and clearer, the themes more and more repeated, how far we separate ourselves from the competition that buys ad space around us.  After all, you’re buying peace of mind, right? That is a testament to recognizing amazing talent when I see it, managing an awesome and personal relationship with every couple, and never taking for granted the fact that, no matter how many weddings we play, never forgetting that this is the most important day of their lives. With that notion firmly implanted, we will prepare every song and every dance, with that purpose. That’s my promise.