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“Rosalie Suarez was born in Karslruhe, Germany on July 23rd 1987, as the second oldest of 5 siblings, her mother being German and her father Cuban-American. Rosalie has been singing for as long as she can remember, being involved at church and in school bands.”

During her time in college, Rosalie increasingly sang lead vocals at various events and learned to play the guitar. She has her Bachelors in Theology and a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is passionate about music and bringing joy and hope through singing and writing songs. Rosalie moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2011 and now lives there with her sweet and fierce little daughter, who was born in 2013. Among others, Rosalie’s favorite artists are Amy Winehouse, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Adele and Nora Jones.

As alto and meta soprano, Rosalie would describe her voice and music as soulful and jazzy. She finds inspiration in various music genres, such as Soul, R&B, Reggae, EDM, Rock, Jazz and more. Bringing people joy and making them smile through music, be it originals or covers, is what she loves to do passionately. Rosalie hopes to release her first EP, and eventually album, in the near future and continually works on songwriting for her own collection and other artists as well.