Here are 5 reasons why The Atlanta Wedding band is the best choice for your wedding entertainment:

1. Customer Service

We offer lightning fast email communication as well as phone calls on-demand. We know you have a lot on your plate planning other aspects of your big day; time is of the essence. Thanks to our 11 year, 1,300+ wedding experience, we have become extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of wedding music, coupled with all of the other very important factors which are the glue for an amazing night. You will not only be investing in a wedding band but also a planner, focused on perfecting a slam dunk game plan for the big day, with a written purpose (in hard copy), for every minute we’re booked for. We will work closely with every planner and coordinator so that transitions are seamless and everyone is on the same page. Finally, we will have a phone consultation around the three week mark with our lead singer and MC to run over last minute details. You will get to know Atlanta Wedding Band so that we are well acquainted BEFORE the big day which, we believe, is of paramount importance.

2. Transparency

We respect you as our clients and believe you deserve full transparency across the board. Your custom quote will not change once you receive it (unless you add additional time or members to the band). Upon completion of our initial phone consultation,we will place your quote along with 1. A sample contract, and 2. Our Pre-Wedding Day Questionnaire. Polished promo videos are sometimes just not enough, so we have added our Live Videos page to give you a raw and unedited example of our performances at past events. We do not offer live showcases at this time because, having only 4 ‘off Saturdays’ the past 3 years, we are too busy preparing for our events week in and week out. Some choose to host ‘showcases’ only to find their couples complaining how they staffed their band with completely different members. This is simply not the case with us. We are a collective of 15 members (offering solo, up through 12-piece band services), two managers, and we staff according exactly to our clients wants/needs which we gather in our initial consultation. We are not an agency that has an endless list of musicians that, in some cases, have never met or played with each other or rehearsed before the day of your wedding.  To summarize, so much more care goes into your big day with us (more specifically, actual work hours PRIOR to this monumental occasion), and the reviews make that extremely clear when you compare. We will get to that in a minute!

3. All-Inclusive Packages

Speaking of transparency, sometimes the entry price other wedding bands advertise is used to pull you in. They do this to make you think they are much less expensive until you factor in the “Equipment and Accessory Add-ons” that come with an additional price tag. We believe everything should be inclusive and therefore take away any worry. Let us take care of everything so you can focus on the million other things involved in planning a wedding. We also offer Ceremony music as well as Cocktail Hour and Dinner music so we can have music going non-stop, with seamless transitions so that guests remain thoroughly entertained and informed the entire night.

This image describes the comparison between AWB and other wedding bands.

An objective comparison between AWB and other wedding bands.

4. Review Record

We are the highest reviewed wedding band in the southeast (quality and quantity).  We go as far as to offer a $200 rebate on your wedding if you can find another wedding band with a higher review record (quality and quantity).  If you do enough reading, and due diligence, the difference in quality becomes very transparent. This is a big day, the biggest of days. You owe it to yourself to do that research. We also recommend noticing the common themes across our reviews (the actual written content inside) and how they compare to other bands. It’s something we take great pride in and hope that you can take great peace of mind in them. Here are our review links:


The Knot

Wedding Wire




5. The ‘Fun Factor’

Fun factor, everything! This is the biggest night of your life and you and your guests deserve an amazing night to remember! We are known for our dance parties and have an amazing intuition for the dance floor to keep the party going. Intuition for a dance floor is something. you either have, or you don’t. We also love crowd interaction and can take requests (if the bride and groom are okay with this of course). Per request of the bride and groom, we’ve also included various family and friends who are musical to join us under the lights! Whatever we can do to take the night over the top, let us know! Browse our Live Videos section and let the peace of mind pour in! As we stated above, live feeds from iphones at actual weddings, we feel, is an even stronger indicator of what to expect on your big day than a ‘performance’ not at a wedding with a laundry list of different musicians that isn’t an actual dance ‘party’.