Every couple is unique.

What makes a wedding band truly great? Their realization of that uniqueness – to play to the room of, not only the couple, but to their 50-300 nearest and dearest, congregated to celebrate them.

We are not in the business of punching a clock and playing the same setlist every weekend because that’s what’s ‘easy’.

Diversity in tastes and preferences is what makes this job fun!

What song will take this dance party to the next level?

What song will get Uncle Joey out on that parquet, doing the worm inside a euphoric, jubilant dance circle?

What song will have all the groomsmen doing the wheelbarrow, neck ties off, wrapped around their foreheads, Cobra Kai style?

That uniqueness, that subjectivity, is the art.

We have had the distinct honor of performing 782 weddings as of September 14, 2020.

The Science?

That lies in the encyclopedic knowledge of cover songs that comes with that 782 wedding experience.

The 881 songs, collected on our cover catalogue, is the product of years and years of hard work, years and years of seizing the opportunity of learning new material from each and every unique couple that entrusts us to be the heartbeat of their big day.

Here’s what we love to do, what keeps us coming back for more…

Week in and week out – to play those songs that everyone loves, those songs that everyone will dance to, but also those songs that they haven’t heard at every other wedding they attended that year.  Cool concept, right?!?

There is so much momentum involved in a dance party…

Through an expertly honed trial and error process, we want to levitate that room.  We want to be ‘that wedding’ your loved ones will never forget, and talk about for years to come.

And that, lovebirds, is the science.

Thanks for your time, we’ll see you soon.