Wedding planning – so many moving parts, so many vendor options, where to start?  After all, this is a BIG DAY in your lives!  Is a little peace of mind too much to ask?  We say, absolutely not.

Online reviews (Google (typically the most reputable), Wedding Wire, the Knot, etc) are of paramount importance to gain that peace of mind.  Not only the review rating or score (5.0/5.0, 4.8/5.0, 3.2/5.0 (yikes!)) (relative quantity), but the quality of the content written inside those reviews.  What themes are repeated with respect to these different vendors?  After all, those attributes are a great indicator of what to expect on your big day.  How much effort was put into the reviews?  How genuine do the reviews read?  Adding to relative quantity and quality, is the aggregate quantity.  How many total times have couples felt the need to write about that vendor?

These are recently wed couples. They are couples with empathy for your situation.  It’s couples giving you a ‘sneak preview’ of the flow and vibe of your big day.  Make them count!

On the subject of hard earned money, weddings can get expensive!  Most all vendors are cognizant of and respect that everyone is on a budget.  That being said, you also are paying for peace of mind.  Many times it can be, should the budget allow, worth, a premium between vendor options (photo, video, catering, officiant, band, etc) to rest easier, and know you will be well taken care of.  Especially, if they have a much superior review record in terms of relative quantity, absolute quantity, and quality.

It is our job to inform and to give you the transparency that you deserve.  As of 7.28.19, between Google (if on mobile, scroll to local listing) (82), the Knot (37), and Wedding Wire (21), we have 140 total testimonials.  Of those 140 opinions, we’ve never missed a star.  Relative quantity, absolute quantity, quality.  Put simply, it’s a testament to how much we care.  It’s a testament to how much we customize to each and every couple. It’s a testament to the preparation and hours that go in to planning the heartbeat of these dance floors.  After all this is a big day, the biggest.  You deserve peace of mind.