Ok, so you’re engaged!  While the butterflies are in full flap mode in your tummy, positively glowing with the thought of taking on life with your soul’s counterpart, now it’s time to plan the wedding! 

Hiring a wedding band is an absolutely crucial decision.  Their energy, their personality, their song choices will become the heartbeat of the biggest day of your life!  Here are ten questions of utmost importance to make sure you are completely covered and taken care of to assure hundreds of your closest friends and family have the time of their lives. 

Here are 6 GREAT questions to ask your wedding band in your initial consultation.

1. What do you charge?

Money matters.  First of all, if the band asks you “what’s your budget” PRIOR to giving you a menu of options, it is usually not a good sign!  It is common practice unfortunately in the wedding industry and we believe transparency is key. After all, this is YOUR wedding.  The ball should stay in YOUR court! You want a band that will give you options on price because as we know, every couple is unique!  Use your strong intuition here. Does the band offer you a phone call?  Do they seem to be genuinely trying to get to know what will make this night amazing?  Those are all key signs on a group that you would like to work with. On pricing, sometimes it can be worth paying a premium for high quality.  After all, you are buying peace of mind, you are investing in this one night to springboard a lifetime of blissful matrimony. Make sure you are taken care of!

2. Do you have insurance?

Many venues will require this of their vendors. If a band lacks adequate insurance, it can be a warning sign of a ‘Fly by night’ operation. 

3. What equipment is included? Are there any added fees?

Be certain that your wedding band has all of the following equipment in their inventory:

  1.  Lapel Mic for Officiant – For any wedding with over 50 people, this is an absolute crucial piece of equipment.  These words are so important. We want everyone to hear them with crystal clarity!
  2. Multiple PA systems for the different locations and proximities of the entire night – Seamless transitions are key to the flow of the night.  If a band only has one PA system, it can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to transitions throughout the night.
  3. Lighting for the Stage Area – Sufficient lighting will create a much needed and exciting ambience and aesthetic for the big night.
  4. Wireless Mic for Toasts and Blessings – This assures that the people most important to you speaking these words will not get stage fright.  Again, it’s also about those seamless transitions! 

4. Will you be working hand in hand with our wedding coordinator?

If the band does not have a clear roadmap as to how they are going to work in sync with your coordinator, this might reveal some major potential conflicts.

5. Will a member of the band act as official “MC” for the night? / Do you provide an MC for the night?

Does the band have a plan and a process in place for gathering the necessary information to make the night flow seamlessly, customize for each and every unique couple, and create an interactive atmosphere.  Being the voice of the night is of equal or more importance than the songs that are played.  

6. Have you ever received any less-than-perfect reviews from past couples? If so, what were they pertaining to?

Vendors, wedding bands specifically in this case, will always tell you what you want to hear and show you what you want to see.  The opinions of these people on their experience in working with this group can either create peace of mind or anxiety. Let’s go with the former!