Peace of mind is so important to the entire process of wedding planning.  It’s hard enough as it is!  We want to be the last thing you worry about and the best vendor decision you make, beginning to end.  The one thing we hear time and time again on our consults is, ‘you guys look and sound great, but how do we know you will pack the dance floor?’.  A very poignant, good and valid question!  This is why we include our live video section on our website.  These were videos taken at our weddings over the past year, on an iphone, of the dance floor – the wedding party, their friends, and family, having the time of their life.  We feel this is actually more effective than ‘showcases’ at a random, public venue, in a controlled environment where no one is dancing!  Intuition for the dance floor, reading the room, knowing exactly what song to play in what situation, can’t be taught, you either have it, or you don’t.  We do not take that craft lightly.  Week in and week out, that is our goal, purpose, game plan.  If more evidence is needed, take a look at our ever growing review list, the themes repeated, and what we’ve done for our amazing couples.  So please, feel free to take a gander at our live section, and take comfort in the fact that it is our duty, our forte, to get every single one of your friends and family, out on that dance floor!  Your uncle who is in the back corner who hasn’t danced at a wedding since the early 90’s?  We will continue, through trial and error, to play ‘that song’ to get him out there and re-live his glory days.  And again, that can’t be taught.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog.  We very much look forward to proving this to you!