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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide your own sound equipment?

Yes, Atlanta Wedding Band provides all of our own sound equipment and lighting.  We also provide access to our microphones for toasts, as well as one wireless microphone and a lapel mic (for ceremony), when needed.

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

Upon request, we can provide a preferred vendor list, yes.  Photographers, Videographers, Venues, Caterers, Floral, let us know what you need, and we’d be happy to provide vendors we have had a very positive experience working with.

In what types of music does Atlanta Wedding Band specialize?

As you can see from our extensive song list, along with the fact that everyone in the band sings, AWB has developed a massive cover catalogue of over 700 tunes with over 100+ years of combined gigging experience.  We specialize in all genres of music; R&B/Motown/Funk, Country, Rap, 80’s, 90’s, Current Top 40, Current Rock, Classic Rock, Big Band, Jazz, Bluegrass, you name it, we will play it for you!

If we hire Atlanta Wedding Band to play our ceremony, can you provide sound for officiant and spoken portion of ceremony?

Yes, absolutely.  We would be happy to provide a lapel mic, wireless mic, or mic on a stand for the officiant so that none of your loved ones miss a single word.  After all, this only happens once in your life, and we want everyone to hear you!

Will you learn songs not found on the band playlist from the website?

Yes, we will first learn any and all first dance and ceremony songs that will make your wedding perfect.  After learning those ceremony and first dance songs, we will learn up to five songs not on the band playlist, free of charge.  Any additional song after five we will happily learn at the rate of $50 per song.

Will you MC the event?

Yes, if you would like, we MC the entire event.  The more specific information we receive leading up to the big day, the smoother things will transition.  We are very well versed in keeping the crowd energetic and entertained during those still crucial gaps and making transitions flow seamlessly.

Will you play music during breaks in performing?

Yes, we do play music through the sound system during all scheduled breaks.  You may pick the exact songs you’d like to hear during the breaks in the action to keep your loved ones engaged and dancing!  This will all be discussed as a part of the planning process leading up to the big day.  Think of the absolute best songs that encapsulate the friendships and bonds between couple, bridal party, and their family.

What instruments are available for us to utilize when booking the band?

In our 4 year 170+ wedding history, AWB has performed anywhere from solo up to an 8-piece band.  The instruments we can employ include electric and or acoustic guitar (up to 4 guitarists), keyboard, standard electric bass, upright bass, drums, female and male vocalists, trumpet, violin, and saxophone.  Every AWB player went through an extensive tryout and all of our players sing.

What is the typical deposit percentage to officially reserve our date?

We typically do a 20-30% deposit, depending on total price.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Personal Check, Venmo, Paypal (subject to 3% add on fee), all major credit cards (subject to 3.75% add on fee).

Does Atlanta Wedding Band provide their own stage?

No, the stage is one thing we unfortunately do not provide as they are typically too big to transport.  While we don’t require a stage, if bride and groom would like the band elevated, we are happy to coordinate with our staging partners to deliver on the day of the wedding.

Can we pick out the specific songs we’d like the band to perform?

Under most circumstances, we maintain the policy of the bride and groom selecting five songs per hour, and the band picking out the other five.  We do this because through our extensive experience, we typically know the songs that will keep your loved ones dancing, having a great time.  It also helps to have the bride and groom or their loved ones select which genres to stick to, i.e. Motown, Funk, 80s, Classic Rock, Top 40, Country, etc.  We essentially “read the room”, and if a particular genre is really getting everyone pumped up, we will continue on with those type songs.

What is your price range?

AWB’s price range goes anywhere from $400 (solo performance, many rehearsal dinners, local) up to $7,500 (8-piece band), extensive travel.  Our most frequently used ensemble is our 5-piece band.  Within the metro Atlanta area, our 5-piece band will cost anywhere from $2,200-$4,500 (depending on the length of time and particular events performed (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, reception, after party), as well as distance traveled).

What kinds of events can Atlanta Wedding Band play?

AWB can play any event involved in your wedding; engagement party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, reception.  AWB is also available for fraternity and sorority parties, bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, anniversary parties, corporate parties, birthdays, etc.

What is your typical ceremony music ensemble?

On demand and when available, AWB has on roster two classically trained violinists.  We also perform the ceremony with dual classical acoustic guitarists, with or without vocal accompaniment.

Do you perform Same-Sex Weddings?


When can I hear the band live? 

AWB typically does 3-4 “open-house showcases” per year.  The next open house is from 6:30-8:30pm at Tin Roof Cantina, Monday June 20th.  1475 Briarcliff Road.  We have “meet and greet” with the band for the 30 minutes before and after our performance (7-8).  Our 3-4 lead singers also keep busy solo public schedules.  If you’d like to check one of us out, just shoot johnthr@gmail.com an email and those schedules can be made available.

How much space does the band need to perform?

For ceremonies, very little space is needed (typically about 8*6 feet).  For our four piece band, we like to perform in a minimum space of 14*10 feet, 5 piece band 16*12 feet.  But we are very adaptable and have been known to perform in airplane luggage closets if the situation calls for that.