We like to load in very early.  We realize how big this day is.  No matter how many weddings we play per year, we never lose sight of the fact that this is the biggest day of the bride and groom’s life.  That being said, there generally is a lot of time to kill!  One of our favorite band pastimes is playing movie trivia.  That being said, I present to you Atlanta Wedding Band’s top ten favorite wedding movies, as voted on by the band.

  1.  Wedding Crashers – Most of us were in college when this classic hit the big screen.  Although it could probably use a few more wedding band scenes, this Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn/Bradley Cooper/Will Ferrell (“Maaaaaaaaaah!!!  Meat Loaf!!!!”) came in at #1.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCYArey8ykU
  2. Bridesmaids – Oh my God, I love Wilson Phillips!  Oh look, you can get your checks cashed next door!
  3. Old School – The movie that made “The Dan Band” famous for his rousing rendition and profanity laced lyric insertion of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.
  4. Father of the Bride – At times I’m told, maybe in a former life, I would have been an excellent wedding planner.   Whenever that comparison is made, I can’t help but think of Martin Short’s character “Franck” in this 1991 classic.
  5. The Wedding Singer – Adam Sandler in his absolute prime with a mullet and glowing wireless mic, enough said.
  6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Little known fact – this 2002 hit cost $5 Million to make and grossed $368.7 Million worldwide.  And who doesn’t love a big fat Greek Wedding?!?
  7. Four Weddings and a Funeral – Hugh Grant and Andie Macdowell slide in and receive an honorable mention in our list.
  8. Monsoon Wedding
  9. The Proposal
  10. The Five Year Engagement


There you have it folks!  Atlanta Wedding Band’s Top ten wedding movies.  Hope you’ve enjoyed and we’ll see you soon!

Atlanta Wedding Band