When it comes to song selection for the reception on your big day, it can truly make or break the energy in the room.  Performing a wedding 45-50 weekends out of the year, we like to think that we learn something new regarding genres and specific songs at every wedding we play.  That is why we like to recommend and adhere to the policy of the “half and half” rule when creating our agenda and setlist for the evening.  We have our brides and grooms go through our songlist and select five songs per hour of performance time.  That usually covers half of the hour.  For the other half, it is important to let the band “read the room”.  What songs and genres are your loved ones really shaking and vibing to?  We want your grandmother, by the end of the night, assuming possible, doing the worm in the middle of the dance floor.  And yes, that has happened!

We like to build on that momentum and energy by continuing to perform songs from those genres and artists.  Is it an 80’s night/crowd?  We’re going to bring the heat with artists like Rick Springfield, Journey, Guns n Roses, The Cure, Queen, etc.  Is it a 90’s crowd?  We’ll lean on staples from Third Eye Blind, Chumbawumba, 4 Non blondes, Oasis, Pearl Jam, etc.  Or maybe it’s an old school crowd and they’re really digging on Motown; the Four Tops, the Temptations, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie, Ben King, etc.

We have built our business on being readily responsive to our client’s needs.  We believe that is reflected in our many google reviews left from our fantastic brides and grooms.  We’re here to help every step of the way.  Thanks so much for reading and we hope to work with you soon.


Very Sincerely,

John Thrasher (Atlanta Wedding Band, Manager, Founder)

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