I met Brett and Meg in mid 2016 and immediately fell quite smitten at the prospect of working with them to celebrate their nuptials.  Kind, funny, easy-going, awesome taste in music, and very much in love.  We booked them as an acoustic trio for their wedding in February of 2017 at Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta and Travis Jones, Nate Sexton, and I were all very much looking forward to celebrating with them.  They came to our acoustic shows around town and were immediately big supporters of AWB and everything we did both on and off stage.  We got to know Brett and Meg quite well in the months leading up and they quickly became the kind of couple that make us love what we do.

Then, a tragic, freak accident happened, and Brett was paralyzed from the neck down a few weeks before their wedding on a joint bachelor, bachelorette party on the beach in Florida.  I was on facebook the Monday following the accident and noticed that Meg’s sister, Mollie, had written asking for prayers for Brett.  A little while after, I received a text from Mollie letting me know what had happened.

We were all very upset and heartbroken for Meg and Brett as again, they had already become one of our favorite couples we’ve ever worked with.

But what happened in the months to follow very much restored my faith in humanity and showed the power of two people so selflessly and unconditionally connected.

Meg gave me a call and told me they had set another wedding date!

So on September 9th, 2017, Nate, Travis, and I set sails for the beautiful Cator Woolford Gardens off Ponce in Atlanta.  We performed their ceremony; “The Scientist” by Coldplay, “1,000 Years” by Christina Perri, and Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”.  Meg and Brett looked amazing and their vows brought me to tears as admittedly, I am a very emotional guy, and that’s what I usually do in a moment that cathartic.

The reception was one AWB will never forget.  On two acoustics (Nate Sexton – “Future”), John, and a djembe, (Travis Jones – “Silver Fox”), unplugged, heavy on  3-part harmony to adjust for the low volume, played a number of awesome covers  that Meg and Brett had personally picked out.  Watching Brett wheel out and own that dance floor, with Meg by his side, was one of the coolest moments I’ve ever experienced.

People Magazine wrote a fantastic story chronicling the celebration which we have linked here.

Brett and Meg, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for reminding us why we love what we do.

John – AWB