Ahh, the first dance…  That moment each of you have been waiting for your entire lives.  There’s a reason why Atlanta Wedding Band is happy to learn any and all first dance picks from our brides and grooms; we fully understand the importance and how special this moment is for these two people on the greatest day of their lives.  No matter how obscure, B-side, etc. “your song” is, we are going to happily learn it.

In five years of performing over 200 weddings, we have had the great pleasure to help out creating these moments for our couples, making it timeless as all of their closest friends and family watch in awe.  Between father daughter, mother son, and bride groom, we estimate we have performed over 500 first dances in those five years.

It’s never about Atlanta Wedding Band’s agenda.  It’s always about the agenda of our brides and grooms, and what they want to hear.  We’ve loved learning these songs over the years because most all the time, the lyrics contain beautiful prose that will link these two people together forever.

We thought you might enjoy the Knot’s list of top 10 wedding first dance songs to maybe get the brainstorming started for all of our prospective couples.  After looking over this list, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we had performed nine out of the ten dances mentioned.

We also have our top first dances internally linked on our own site here.  But after some nerdy calculation on my own part (this must be the former CPA in me!), I have put below our top first dance for bride groom, mother son, and father daughter, respectively.

  1.  Bride Groom most popular first dance – “You Are the Best Thing” – Ray Lamontagne
  2. Mother Son – “My Wish” – Rascal Flatts
  3. Father Daughter – “Isn’t She Lovely” – Stevie Wonder


As always, thanks so much for stopping by and we hope our paths cross soon!